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Our Savoir Faire Clinic

Savoir Faire Specialty Healthcare Group is pleased to announce it has developed a highly successful and reproducible therapy that has remarkable effect on the symptoms associated with Tourette Syndrome. This new approach utilizes chiropractic, physical medicine, nutrition, nervous system frequency and tone balancing techniques. Using chiropractic methods as a starting point to view and address Tourette Syndrome has led to this stunning discovery. The treatment also relies on the eventual withdrawal from medication through a coordinated plan with the patient's physicians. Our multifaceted therapy can lead to dramatic improvements and allows the body to heal itself naturally.

Insurance & Pricing

Savoir Faire's Therapies are considered experimental and are not eligible for insurance reimbursement.

What is the pricing for Savoir Faire's  treatment? 

Savoir Faire has different categories when it comes to the pricing of our treatments. Each individual will receive an amount customized by their needs and the length of their treatment.

Click below to view the details on each specific group:

Missed Appointment Policy

Does Savoir Faire have a missed/late appointment policy?

Yes, Savoir Faire values both the time of our patients and employees. To help ensure our patients don't miss their appointments we send out regular reminders. However, we understand that making it to your appointment is not always possible. Therefore, we kindly ask our patients to notify us at least two hours before their appointment if they are unable to make it in time. This gives us the opportunity to reschedule that appointment and minimize any disruption in the care plan of the patients. There is a $25 no-show fee. We aim to make our patients' visits as quick and orderly as possible by scheduling appointments efficiently, and we are grateful for their cooperation. Thank you.

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